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  • Quick to deploy – cover long distance and rapid simple flight path
  • mapping and autonomous take off and landing
  • Aerial imaging gives at higher resolution and accuracy than alternatives
  • Single operator deployment
  • Flexible in-flight adjustments if a change is needed to the mission
  • No geographical limitations
  • Flexible payload capacities (Photo, Video, IR, LiDAR, etc)
  • Low cost, flexible, easy to operate data collection method
  • Expert backend data analysis and Reporting

Quick and easy setup

  • Our modular multirotor copter solutions for aerial inspection and data gathering are built for the most demanding customers.
  • Proprietary physical model based auto-pilot design
  • Flexible payloads, as sensors improve, you platform remains the same
  • Multi Rotor flight times up to 1hr+
  • Fixed Wing flight times up to 24hrs
  • Geo-targeting and locking
  • Professional Simulation training
  • Hardware in the loop testing
  • GIS map layer integration
  • Tested in harsh deserts and artic Estonian winters

Years of experience


Our aerial inspection services are designed to give our customers all the vital visual data they need to keep their business running effectively.



Our team has years of experience building and flying different multirotor copters. Let us know about your needs and we will have a custom solution to take your business to the next level.

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